Funeral Flowers

We appreciate that organising funeral flowers can be difficult, so we’re here to make things as easy as possible for you.

Funeral flowers are a simple way to demonstrate your feelings for someone, and should reflect their personality or likes/dislikes. That’s why we aim to guide you through the process as simply as possible, while listening to what you say and making suggestions that we think could work well.

We can provide everything from traditional wreaths, coffin sprays and letters, to hearts, crosses, pillows and more besides. You’re more than welcome to come in, sit down, relax and browse through ideas of what you may like for this occasion, no rush just take your time, we are on hand to advise if you should need us.


Maybe you would like to go for a Wreath tribute? These are so pretty and suitable for both a man or a lady,  these can be made in any colours/flowers of your choice.  We can do 3 sizes, 12inch, 14 inch, or 16 inch

Casket Spray

This is the main tribute for the funeral, you can have exactly what you would like. You will see ideas on the website with prices to help you with this. The usual size is 3ft but of course you can go larger if you would like to.


If you would like to go for letters ie D A D or M U M, G R A N D A D in fact any letters that you would like, we charge at Blossom Hill £45 per letter, these are usually white basing with a beautiful corsage in any flowers/colours that you would like, whatever is personal to you.

You may also want to go for mixed flowers (again all do-able)


You will see that we also offer a cross service, colours/flowers of your choice


These are lovely, can be either a solid heart or an open heart, again could go for all white basing on a solid heart with a corsage of your choice or an open heart, this looks lovely in mixed flowers, at Blossom Hill we do a lot of country garden type tributes, these look so natural, a real garden feel.


We can also offer a service for pillows/cushions.

At Blossom Hill, we know just how hard it is to step into a Florist shop and open up a conversation as personal as this.  The shop is very informal, we have a large table in the middle of the shop whereby you can sit down with us and members of your family if you wish, we can have a cuppa and a good old natter about what you would like. We will do anything that you would like, no problem at all.

Once you have decided and placed your order, you will be given some message cards (if you would like them) you can take them home and write in your own time, no rush.  We will converse with the Funeral Director as to what time they would like the flowers, we will deliver them directly to them. You don’t have to worry at all.

If you would like more information, please feel free to get in touch with us using the details on our contact page.

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